A Practical Overview Of No-hassle Sticker Printing Online Strategies

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If anybody knows any chances for an internship in a media/advertising agency please dm me

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The CMO of HP Inc is calling time on the traditional ad agency model: 'The disruption is real'

Antonio Lucio "It is so friggin' easy to get it from anywhere," he said. "This reality will fundamentally disrupt the agency of record as we know it." Anatoly Roytman is one of those disruptors. He serves as managing director of Accenture Interactive's‎ Europe, Africa and Latin America operations. His team was comprised of 10 people just eight years ago. Last year Accenture Interactive pulled in $6.5 billion. It has acquired 22 companies over that time. "It was actually our clients who led us [to advertising]," he added. "We were fast followers." He said traditional ad companies are suffering because they for too long focused solely on making ads, and less about how products actually work in the real world. Consulting firms are focused on managing customers' experiences, he says."This is what makes or breaks a brand right now," he told Business Insider.

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