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Ecommerce in Europe Europe is one of the biggest ecommerce markets in the world, together with China and the US. It’s home to major online retailer companies such as Ikea, Zalando and Otto. But what exactly are the top 10 online stores in Europe? When you think about ecommerce in Europe , you can’t get around major ecommerce companies from outside the continent, such as US giants Amazon and eBay or Asian powerhouses like Alibaba and Tencent. But Europe has a lot to offer! There are online retailers that are big in several countries across Europe or even the globe, such as H&M, Carrefour or Ikea. But there are also ecommerce companies that are very big in their home country, but aren’t that familiar among other European consumers. Take for example Wehkamp, a major Dutch online retailer that started as a mail-order company in 1952. Every year, it’s among the top 10 online stores in the Netherlands , but outside the country borders it’s hardly known. Most big ecommerce companies are from Western Europe The biggest ecommerce companies in Europe are from Western countries and the majority is active in the online food sector. Western Europe really dominates the European ecommerce industry, as it accounted for approximately 68 percent of total European online retail turnover in 2017 .

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